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The Founder

Lisel Douglas

Founder, Speaker, Activist, Consultant

Lisel Douglas has spent the majority of her career working for the Federal Government of Canada, coordinating and conducting public opinion and marketing research with the general public. In this capacity, she has assisted federal departments in the development of communications, policy, and program strategies.  

Lisel entered the fields of marketing research because of her passion and knack for observing people and social phenomena in the world and her immediate environment. Within her roles, she has used her keen eye on the reality to better serve her clients, improve team operations, and advise her superiors. 

Throughout her career thus far, Lisel has been commended for her passion exemplified in providing thorough service to clients, her perspicacity in shrewdly taking notice of issues in the workplace, identifying root causes and potential solutions, and her candor, where she has found ways to empathically and respectfully speak truth to leadership. 

Given her interest in asserting the importance of leadership capacity in positions of power, and in ensuring those subjected to it are well-served by it, through ‘Accountable Leadership,’ she aims to urge organizations and societies at-large, to consider leadership with a much greater level of deliberation and conscientiousness. To actively and concretely prescribe the expected leadership outcomes for people that are impacted, alongside with business outcomes, and to remember that leadership is the bestowed privilege and opportunity serve others and and the power and responsibility to create a better experience.

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