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What We Do


Leadership that is aware of its role and influence, responsible and responsive, and proactive in its service to others

Through content creation, criticism and analysis, community discussion, and overall contribution to the leadership discourse, Accountable Leadership aims to: 

  • Highlight the importance of leadership in corporate and political spheres in creating positive human outcomes for employees, clients and society-at-large.
  • Create awareness of the ways poor conceptualization, assessment, and selection of leadership leads to adverse human outcomes.
  • Increase awareness of the reasons for poor leadership culture, and how we all contribute to its existence.
  • Dispel harmful myths, narratives and conceptualizations about leadership capacity that have excluded those with traits more conducive to inclusive decision-making with an outlook to positive human outcomes.
  • Equip those typically excluded from leadership positions due to harmful myths, with the awareness and knowledge to navigate toxic leadership culture without adopting suboptimal methods and behaviours.
  • Empower society-at-large to effectively assess, select and evaluate corporate and political leaders.

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